So I first saw this phrase when I was reading about a fundraiser last week for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It’s a great story and sets perspective on what we complain about in our lives when looking at the lives of those fighting cancer.

Skip forward a week after reading it to a time when I was at the gym with my friend Sarah. As some of you know Sarah actually means “princess”. Well during one of the exercises I was having us both do – she grumbled a bit – albeit jokingly. To which I promptly replied “Suck it up princess!”. Now, if you’ve met Sarah, you know she’s got a thick southern accent and the sass to go with it. If you could have seen the look she shot me and heard the “No, you didn’t!?” you would have been laughing. I know I was.

Sometimes I use the exact same sentiment on myself when I’m working out. Mostly internal self-talk – that I have nothing to complain about. That I need to push through. That there are so many people who literally cannot work out or do the physical activity I can do and I have no reason to whine or complain.

If I want to see progress in my life, I have to push beyond the pain, beyond the limits of what I think I’m capable of to what I truly am capable of. This is where growth happens. If I just stick with my own status quo – what a boring life. If I don’t strive for more….if I don’t look to improve myself and the world around me – then I am not really living. At least not the kind of living I want to do. So, I’ll push past physical pain. I’ll push past emotional barriers. I’ll weed out the unnecessary. Embrace the essential.