It’s 3:30 in the morning and I cannot sleep.  Biggest reason – I’m freezing!  Go figure.  I finally put on sweats, turned up the heat and just finished drinking a cup of hot tea.  I’m not anticipating that I’ll get that much sleep tonight.  My flight to Vegas comes early – I was planning on getting up in just an hour and a half anyway.  The one great piece of news…I can check in early to the hotel tomorrow when I arrive at 1pm – and take a nap… thankfully.

Sleep is so important with weight loss.  Even though tonight is an anomaly – it reminds me of how I’m not getting proper sleep overall.  I need to be much more disciplined about going to bed earlier and ensuring I have enough sleep on board.

Aside from the cold – I feel restless.  I’m going to read my Bible and then try to at least sleep for a little bit.  Here’s hoping and praying I’ll get warm and that will be a reality.