Well…it depends.  I’ve been on roller coasters I like, roller coasters that terrify me.  I recently road the Desperado at Buffalo Bills Casino in Primm, NV.  Honestly – awful.  Riding it with my niece was cool – but ug…the 225 foot drop was enough for me for a lifetime.

That's just a tiny part of the Desperado in Primm, NV. Those dark clouds are just perfect for depicting the terror of the upcoming ride!

Now roller coasters in life are another story.  I feel like I’m on a bit of an emotional one with some of the struggles that I’m having in my personal life. I hate it.  Typically on a roller coaster you can see what’s coming up…prepare for the loop, psych yourself up for the drops and corners, prepare your body for the jolting it is sure to receive.  I learned an interesting lesson while riding the Desperado.  I closed my eyes for the ride to help me get through it.  Not the smartest thing to do.  It made me more nauseous, I couldn’t see the turns coming up, the hills etc…  Well  – that caused me to have an incredibly sore/stiff neck the following day.  Not being prepared for those hills, turns and more made my body more rigid – not as prepared to handle what was coming – or bend with the flow.

It’s kind of like this in life.  When we close our eyes to what’s happening and either choose to ignore it, bury it or “close our eyes” to it – we can be hurt worse.  We don’t prepare for the impact.  Now yes, of course, there are some curves, turns and loops that get thrown in our path with no warning and we do our best to stay on the track.  Handle what’s come our way with the most grace and decorum possible.

But for those things that we should have paid more attention to.  Should have opened our eyes to sooner – probably should have had our eyes checked at the beginning of the ride – we have no reason to proclaim that we didn’t see it coming.  We knew full well the roller coaster that could be ahead of us – just got blinded by the sun – thought the ride wouldn’t be that bad.  Now, in the midst of that ride – unexpected emotions arise with each new corner, loop or hill I encounter.  Those emotions alone can be exhausting.  A break physically and mentally is needed…but one that involves any “time” for that break won’t be happening anytime soon.  That means that I will get those breaks physically and mentally in a couple of different ways:   1)  Setting boundaries and saying “no” sometimes  2)  Getting to ClubSport as much as I can to work out.

I know…lots of metaphors.

Whichever roller coaster you are on – we can at least observe the track before us, regularly check for cracks or weaknesses so that the ride continues with a firm foundation.  We can plan ahead and be prepared when needed.  Walk in with our eyes wide open and be flexible for what’s ahead.  For those unexpected life events that happen – we pray for grace and peace and direction from God.

So for the title – roller coasters – fun or suck?   Both – depends on which one you’re on at the time.