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Seriously.  There’s so much to say and trying to whittle that down into something cohesive that you’d understand seems a bit beyond me right now. I’ve got some serious, reflective and contemplative posts coming up and if I’m completely honest with you – I’m just not up to it tonight. I am back to posting […]Continue Reading


Whew!  The two big Christmas meals are behind me – it was worth the work though.  Cooking is definitely an expression of love for me.  I’m an admitted foodie and I love seeing others reactions to good food…and it’s pretty fun when I’ve prepared it!  I’ll be honest too – a couple of these recipes […]Continue Reading


I know…aggressive goal, but I not only need, but want this!  Yes, it will mean some sacrifices during the holidays – but I can do it.  This morning I started on my fruit/veggies and I’ll mostly do that with some lean protein.  The only days I’ll have a little more are on Christmas Eve and […]Continue Reading


I have awesome memories surrounding the Norwegian traditions in our family and the Christmases I’ve had the opportunity to spend in Norway.  As Christmas is next week – those memories and traditions are flooding back in – and I LOVE it! Baking… This Friday and Saturday will be filled with some baking of traditional cookies […]Continue Reading


Well?  How do you?  I don’t relax enough.  Truly relax.  Looking back on this journey I’ve written lots of posts about taking time for yourself, relaxing, de-stressing…I am just not so good at taking my own advice.  It’s amazing how much knowledge we can have and yet not practice that knowledge. The massage last week […]Continue Reading


This past weekend I celebrated my 39th birthday.  For this first time in our 10 year plus friendship, my best friend Leanne and I went away together to celebrate it.  While I was tired from my week – it was the perfect escape I needed.  We took off for Newport on the Oregon coast to […]Continue Reading


So…I’ve made a friendly wager with a friend on Facebook.  He’s aiming to lose 5-10 pounds by the end of the year and I want to lose 10-15.  We’ve challenged each other.  If I hit my goal I get a custom drawing of whatever I choose.  I’m thinking maybe one of my animals.  This guy […]Continue Reading


All this eating healthy is obviously paying off in ways I’ve not even been aware of. Skin – My mom mentioned to me tonight how much clearer my skin seems.  I’ve always had good skin, but she made an observation that the red/ruddiness I used to have pretty frequently is gone.  I hadn’t really thought […]Continue Reading


Until last night I was pining for some of the Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and other yummy holiday coffee drinks.  I’ve definitely avoided them due to the sugar content. My wonderful new discovery – Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Coffee.  It’s not just “flavored” coffee.  There are actual real bits of ginger, cloves and cinnamon ground in with […]Continue Reading


Thanksgiving – it’s less than 48 hours away and the preparation has already begun.  Cornbread for the stuffing has been made and is now diced and drying out.  Most of my other prep work is done now – tomorrow will just be Turkey, cherry pie and assembling the stuffing, oh – and the popovers! Here’s […]Continue Reading