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According to Wikipedia Self care is personal health maintenance. It is any activity of an individual, family or community, with the intention of improving or restoring health, or treating or preventing disease.  Some of us are good at it, some not so much. Self care is also great to pay special attention to when going […]Continue Reading


Noun 1. willpower – the trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior Willpower can be the difference between success and failure. My weight has been a struggle all of my life and I’ve been on more diets than I care to remember – or for that matter – could even remember!  I could always be […]Continue Reading


Ok…all this good eating and increased visits to the gym – the scale hasn’t moved below 238.  ARGH!  My Dr. did put me back on the drug to help the insulin resistance and he said that should allow the weight loss to start again.  Combine that with the Meltdown Challenge workouts and I am hoping […]Continue Reading


As I’m sure you can tell from my blog – ClubSport is where I work out.  I LOVE IT.  They routinely offer programs to their members as an extra benefit  – always nice.  They’ve just launched a 6 week Meltdown Challenge – which I’ve signed up for.  They’ve got prizes for incentives and special deals […]Continue Reading


I left my heart in San Francisco… Ok, not really…but it’s an awesome city and I would love to spend more time there!  Going away to California – even if it was for work – was PERFECT!   Definitely a needed break from the Portland rain, we were blessed with sunny skies and temperatures in the […]Continue Reading


Hello 365 friends!  I am on a work trip to Cali and today they surprised us with a day trip to San Francisco…wonderful.  A beautiful day – filled with wonderful scenery, friends and fun.  Now of course on travel days there’s temptations when it comes to food…but again – I was able to stay resolved. […]Continue Reading


hon-est-ly  :  in an honest manner, with honesty This word is one I try to live by daily and one I have made an important part of this blog process.  Being transparent is integral to have success on this journey of mine.  On all of journeys really.  In such a busy, “connected” world it seems […]Continue Reading


Just got my first SPUD.COM delivery of organic produce this past week.  Yae!  I’ve  only recently discovered SPUD.COM and was excited to give them a try.  Online grocery store – organic – that delivers to your door! What could be better?  Their prices are great and quality is superb.  I’m fortunate enough to have one […]Continue Reading


I had the pleasure of hanging out with my photographer Lisa last Friday to do some new update photos.  I love her work and am thrilled that she is part of this journey with me.  I know it’s been too long since my last shoot but I promise I’ll have another one in just 4 […]Continue Reading


Wow – ok.  Only 1 pound this last week.  I thought for sure it would be more.  ARGH!  It’s ok though – it is still progress and it is another notch down on the scale.  That puts me at 238 now.  I cannot wait until that first number is 1 instead of 2.  I had […]Continue Reading