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Pretty good actually. Ate my typical healthy breakfast.   Had a business lunch where I loaded up on the green salad, green beans had some chicken and a smidge of the mashed potatoes.  They were awesome!  That lunch kept me pretty satisfied. Dinner – I had these great intentions of making Chicken Tikka Masala tonight […]Continue Reading


I love Elana’s Pantry and the recipes/tips/advice she gives.  I’ve followed her on Twitter, liked her on Facebook and recently bought her cookbook – The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook.  I’m just about to order my almond flour from Nuts Online, which is one of her recommended places to purchase the almond flour that works […]Continue Reading


Down 1 more pound!  For a total of 27 in 8 weeks.  I’m just at the beginning of week 9 and feeling good.  Starting Wednesday I am going to do another “cleanse” week like I did for week one.  Fruits, vegetables, some lean protein, tea, warm lemon water.   I want to kick start another […]Continue Reading


At least it can be. It’s really about what you choose to do with that knowledge and if you’re ready to apply it.  For years I had known what was “healthy” for me, what I needed to do to lose weight, to reduce my risk of heart disease, diabetes and more.  All of that knowledge […]Continue Reading


Be prepared! Yep – pretty much as simple as that.  I’m just wrapping up a 4 day business trip where I was hanging out with my co-workers – much of that time – around food.  It’s kind of a thing with our group – good food and lots of it.  I was a little worried […]Continue Reading


Down another 2 pounds this week!  That’s a total weight loss so far of 26 pounds and takes me under 250 pounds for the first time in over a year.  I hope to never see that weight again – I am determined to lose all my excess weight and stay healthy!  I feel so good […]Continue Reading


I know – you’d think the title is an obvious.  However; I personally know people who think just because they don’t salt their food that they eat a low amount of sodium.  Some of these people eat out quite a bit and also eat a large amount of pre-packaged foods which are very high in […]Continue Reading


That was my day!  Work from early this morning, dinner with the hubby, followed by a fierce workout then a very late night grocery shop at Winco.  I am definitely tired now…but the cupboards and fridge are stocked – just a few more things to pick up tomorrow. Workout was great tonight! I pushed myself […]Continue Reading


Sheesh – you can do all these restrictive things to be healthier and yet you can still make some not so healthy choices!  Carbs are not my friend.  I’m still losing weight.  I haven’t cheated.  The weight loss has tapered a bit though.  Again, I know some of that is because I’m working out and […]Continue Reading


Big shout out to the team at The Third River! These are the guys that have been making this blog what it is today and teaching me how to grow the network of people following my blog.  I still have much to learn – but they are there to answer my questions and help me […]Continue Reading