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This picture says it all. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’m not the type to bemoan what’s happening in my life…but for right now…this moment.  I’m feeling overwhelmed. I love this journey I’m on – but at times it is an emotional one and of course – it can be physically demanding. I’ve been struggling […]Continue Reading


Ok…the scales have been a little stagnant the past couple weeks – FRUSTRATING!  However; the inches keep dropping and I’m noticing it in my clothes.  So – my health coach Jorji has told me to stay away from the scales for a little while and just go by inches. So – inches update – 26 […]Continue Reading


Discouraged – to be deprived of courage, hope, or confidence; disheartened; dispirited. It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re on a journey like the one I’m on.  For me the last week and a half – it’s that I’m not losing enough pounds – kind of stagnated at the 28lbs…but I am still losing inches.  […]Continue Reading


Stress…it’s present everywhere… everyday… There can be good stress…and of course bad stress.  Either way – we need to find our own healthy ways to handle the stress.  To cope. My stress relievers: Exercise – I find myself turning to this more and more Prayer – although I need to do even more Alone time […]Continue Reading


What’s lost is found. This is true in so many areas of my life during this journey.  From the spiritual to fun; the sentimental to emotional to the deeply personal. Spiritual – finding my way back to a closer relationship with Jesus…relying on Him when things are tough.  Realizing how much I’ve not let Him […]Continue Reading


Yae – new progress update photos.   I love seeing the changes each time we shoot new photos.  My photographer, Lisa Teso, is fantastic!  I love that Lisa is along for this journey.  She is just as excited to see my progress as I am and she’s thrilled to be a part of the journey […]Continue Reading


Ok…took my first TRX class at ClubSport on Thursday night.  WOW. First – I was proud of myself for taking a class – being around other people – all in better shape than I’m in. Second – Super cool workout – and Shannon is an awesome instructor.  Because she’s my trainer she was able to […]Continue Reading


I know I briefly mentioned it the other day but I achieved a milestone that I was really looking forward to…I filled in my first check off sheet for my workouts at ClubSport!  I had said I couldn’t wait to fill one in and I did on Monday!  Yae!  I already have card 2 started […]Continue Reading


EEM – that would mean – Emotional Eating Monster. I’ll be honest.  Last week was a tough one for me.  Some stress in my life escalated.  My knee acted up again.  I was tired…emotionally, mentally tired.  All this with work on top of it too.  Now compared to so many – my problems are small […]Continue Reading


Sorry I didn’t post yesterday.  I want to get on a new schedule for this – but so far it’s been tough.  I usually end up doing it at the end of the day and of course I’m not usually my brightest or freshest! I worked out Wednesday at ClubSport – but the knee is […]Continue Reading