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Seriously!  In the past – I would have looked at the past 4 weeks as a failure.  Figure I’d blown it and might as well just give up.  Thankfully – this journey is changing me.  I’m growing – finding strength I didn’t know I had.  No longer  engaging in self-sabotage with food and diet.  What […]Continue Reading


Wow…so I’ve dropped another 2 pounds.  Surprising with all the stress, travel and other stuff going on.  I definitely need some butt kicking to get back in the gym. It’s been hard to get myself there.  I am so thankful that I have set the rules in place about gluten, sugar and cheese because staying […]Continue Reading


The post today is written by my best friend Leanne.  Throughout this journey as we have discussed things we’ve realized how similar some of our food struggles are – while even on the outside they might seem like polar opposites.  We’re still looking in the same fun house mirror and seeing something distorted looking back. […]Continue Reading


Amazing week back home!  I fly home tomorrow, but I wish I had just a few more days.  There’s a finality to this trip as my mom will be moving out to Oregon where I live.  I’m excited about that – but there’s a bittersweet aspect to her not being here. I visited Dad’s grave. […]Continue Reading


On my trip to DC this week for my moms retirement party! I’ve been able to visit old haunts, friends and more. I’ve been making good food decisions and the heat is helping that as I’m not as hungry. I’m really missing ClubSport and can’t wait to get back and get my butt back in […]Continue Reading


11:32 pm Lying in a tent – haven’t camped in more years than I can count! Been at the Relay for Life since 9:00am this morning. I’ve walked a few miles so far plus running the station booth for 12 hours. Taking a little rest in a tent a sweet woman set up for me […]Continue Reading


Progress: Ok – so I got my butt back in the gym last night.  Felt good…but I could tell I’d missed the gym!  Tomorrow my exercise will be the Relay for Life event in Sherwood.  I’ll be working it as well as walking a few times throughout the 24 hours.  My goal is to make […]Continue Reading


Encouragement can come in so many forms.  A kind word.  A prayer.  A card.  Friends.  For me today I had a few of those!  The highlight though was when a friend of mine stopped by to drop off this lovely bouquet of flowers.  It’s HUGE!  Beautiful – smells amazing. Sometimes those unexpected kindnesses are the […]Continue Reading


In life – at times there is sadness.  What we do with that sadness is up to us.  Sometimes we need to take a minute, a day, a week or longer to process it.  Dealing with it though is important.  Taking the time to deal and  process is crucial to moving through the sadness – […]Continue Reading


I thank all of you following me for your support.  There’s some big life stuff going on right now – the kind of things you never expect and certainly wish you never had to deal with.  I am doing ok – and a huge part of that is due to this personal journey I am […]Continue Reading