I’m still here. Still working on healthy decisions. Had a couple days off from the gym when I pulled a muscle in my neck/upper back and it caused vertigo. Let me say I have such compassion now for people who live with that all the time or for those who experience it frequently. Crazy stuff! I’ve still had occassional lightheaded feelings from time to time but no more vertigo and the neck muscle is feeling better and better.

I missed another couple days being out of town and with a client fundraiser. This week I’ve missed a couple due to an unexpected life “interruption”. We’ve all had them. Changes, interruptions, challenges, whatever you choose to call them. But I’m dusting myself off tomorrow morning and back at the gym at 6:30am with my brother. Needed. The workout and adrenaline will be good and cathartic.

I have also been writing/blogging more – I know you haven’t seen it here – but on my personal writing blog (not the health stuff) I seem to be on a roll of writing and even today made a list of 12 topics I want to write on. So. I will be writing in both places – but if you want to check out my other work visit it here: ¬†Intentionally Fearless