My ice pack, heating pad and Advil are my best friends right now! As I’ve been jumping back in to the gym and working out I’m definitely feeling the aches and pains – but I have to admit they feel good too.  They make me aware that what I am doing is working. I am being cautious in an effort to prevent injuries – stretching properly – and adding new elements slowly and incrementally. I would not want any sort of an injury to sideline my progress!

I’ve not been at the gym every day – but averaging about 4 days a week – which is such an improvement! Health is a conscious effort.  A daily choice. An “every day a new me” approach.  That means if we have a bad day – or a day of not the best or healthy choices – that tomorrow is a fresh start.  Each day is an opportunity for growth.  For change.  For starting fresh.  We do not need to be fettered by our past decisions or mistakes.  Our past or negative decisions do not have to define us.