So…yesterday I worked out in the afternoon.  The plan today was to workout tonight. But – a little health scare got in the way.  I was pretty stressed/overwhelmed.  Thankfully I had/have awesome family, friends and boyfriend.  They made the past couple days easier.  Good news to report – after 3 more tests today – the scare has passed for now – looks benign – will need a re-check in 6 month and 12 months.  All I can say ladies – is get your mammograms!  This was detected during a routine mammogram.  Nothing I could feel, or my Dr. could feel.  My mom (a two time breast cancer survivor) – her first cancerous lump also was not palpable.  This incident for me this week just highlighted the importance once again.  I had a baseline done at 39 and another at 40 so they had something to compare it to.  At least now we know there is something to keep an eye on – but at this time – nothing to worry about.

I’m a thankful, relieved woman tonight.

I’m also so thankful for my friends, my family, my church family, my boyfriend.  Couldn’t have gotten through these couple days without them.

As for the work out tonight…my brother gave me a pass on our 45 day straight and I was relieved.  The hours of tests today and stress of the last two days wiped me out.  Back at it tomorrow morning I will be.