So – for any of you who followed my first 365 days you might remember a couple of posts about dating a treadmill.  Well – that was awhile ago…and that treadmill and I fell out of favor with each other.  It caused me some plantar fasciitis and I had to avoid it for a little while.  That little while became a long while.  I have encountered many a treadmill in the days since however they only knew my feet from a walking perspective.

Fast forward to yesterday at the gym.  I decided to flirt with a treadmill by running again…and it flirted back.  It was easy on me – feet felt good – my heart rate increased – it made me want to do it again. So, today – I flirted with it again.  Today was a little tougher, I’ll be honest – but it was worth it.  I feel a little of those pangs tonight – yes, the sore muscle pangs – but it feels good.

So – we shall see what happens with this flirtation – I’m hoping it means that running and I can develop a relationship again. I’ll be sure to do my stretching this time, watch my form and pay attention where it’s needed. Wish me luck!