I’m trying to add more color to my diet! Natural color. (thank goodness covering your gray doesn’t count against that!) They say the more colorful food in your diet – the healthier you are eating. If you think about the white foods or earth toned foods – most of those aren’t that good for you. If you think about all the colorful ones – they really are the healthiest ones for us.

So this weeks shopping included kiwi, apples, nectarines, carrots, cabbage, and spinach. An array of color. I love when I eat that way. When it’s the healthy stuff. I’m committing to eat more at home (which has a side effect of spending less money)…and when I do eat out to make conscious decisions for healthier food. This doesn’t mean I still won’t have my occasional meals that aren’t the healthiest – or a treat of ice cream (my favorite Portland shop is What’s the Scoop?)

If you’re striving to eat healthier – I urge you to apply the colorful choices technique! :)