Sheesh – over two weeks later and I have not been faithful to my own new guidelines.  Good news though.  The gym regimen is in more than full swing.  My awesome big brother David has committed to my trainer and to go with me daily. The initial commitment is 45 days in a row at the gym.  And the majority of those days at 6:30am.  Talk about outside my norm.  I would not say I’m a morning person.  However, that doesn’t mean I cannot become one.  We can all change things about ourselves.  If we have negative habits or behaviors we can change them.  That is within our power, our control.

Today is day 6 of the 45 and while this was not a 6:30am day –  I will be going this afternoon.  Tomorrow will have to be at night.  But the commitment has been made.  I am sore, but it also feels good.  I might wince when I take a step up or have to sit down, but I also love it.  It makes me feel alive. Lets me know that what I am doing is working.  It’s the feeling of change. Of progress.

Eating wise I have been better, but not 100% to what I committed to in my last blog post. I have been making healthier choices, like a salad over tacos or small decisions like that – and while those are good decisions, they are not the optimal ones I need to make to lose the weight and be as fit and healthy as I can be.  Tonight I’m hosting a BBQ Challenge at my house so I know tonight there will most likely be sugar in sauces and other stuff – so, I commit to tomorrow being the day I implement the rest of those changes.

Thanks for taking the journey with me.

“This is my command–be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9