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So I first saw this phrase when I was reading about a fundraiser last week for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It’s a great story and sets perspective on what we complain about in our lives when looking at the lives of those fighting cancer. Skip forward a week after reading it to a time […]Continue Reading


I’m still here. Still working on healthy decisions. Had a couple days off from the gym when I pulled a muscle in my neck/upper back and it caused vertigo. Let me say I have such compassion now for people who live with that all the time or for those who experience it frequently. Crazy stuff! […]Continue Reading


So…yesterday I worked out in the afternoon.  The plan today was to workout tonight. But – a little health scare got in the way.  I was pretty stressed/overwhelmed.  Thankfully I had/have awesome family, friends and boyfriend.  They made the past couple days easier.  Good news to report – after 3 more tests today – the […]Continue Reading


Sheesh – over two weeks later and I have not been faithful to my own new guidelines.  Good news though.  The gym regimen is in more than full swing.  My awesome big brother David has committed to my trainer and to go with me daily. The initial commitment is 45 days in a row at […]Continue Reading


As the title of this blog says “Every Day a New Me”.  That means each day is an opportunity to grow, to start fresh, to reboot. Today is a reboot for me.  Not just a little one.  I’m starting a new “365 days” as I did when I first started this blog.  The commitment for […]Continue Reading


I have ALWAYS loved to cook.  It’s definitely become an expression of showing love to people.  I continue to love cooking…need to get better about the cooking for 1 though.  Sometimes it’s easier with a busy life to not take the time to enjoy a past time I love and show that same love through […]Continue Reading


So, I missed my post yesterday.  Again, looking at the time, this will most likely not be epic, long, or a mind blowing post. Came down with something fierce yesterday.  Not quite sure what this is.  There’s a possibility it could be the gluten I ate on Thursday – if it is, it’s truly the […]Continue Reading


Yep.  A very long, albeit productive day. Many conversations and connections. Something ending.  Something new beginning. Tomorrow a new day with much to do. This is all the energy I have tonight. Goodnight. Sleep well.  Hold tight.  Continue Reading


Wow…noticing lots this week!  Sitting down to write every night is making more aware of some of the craziness I allow – yes, allow…to happen in my days.  There are things I should be doing to better manage my time.  With some simple changes I will be more effective in my work and my personal […]Continue Reading


Do you know yours?  Or are you like me and say “yes” to too many things?   Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am far better at this now than I used to be…but there is still room for improvement.  Tonight I realized that I was unable to do one thing I had committed to […]Continue Reading