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My ice pack, heating pad and Advil are my best friends right now! As I’ve been jumping back in to the gym and working out I’m definitely feeling the aches and pains – but I have to admit they feel good too.  They make me aware that what I am doing is working. I am […]Continue Reading


Yep.  It almost feels like I’ve been hibernating when it comes to this blog and quite honestly – the healthy choices. When unhealthy choices have been your lifelong conditioning breaking them isn’t so easy.  I’m trying to give myself the grace I seem to so freely give to others around me.  Every day is a […]Continue Reading


“How intensely you want something and the likelihood you’ll get it is directly proportional to the energy you put into achieving it.” A person who put all his energy into his mission – and accomplished his journey in ways he never could have imagined is Emmanuel Ofusu Yeboah of Ghana.  There’s a documentary about his […]Continue Reading