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Whole 30 compliant too and so good! I had some leftover Indian samosa filling which I made with sweet potatoes. I was inspired this morning to form the filling into patties and cook them up on the griddle with a little coconut oil. I then poached some eggs, broiled some bacon (cured without sugar) and […]Continue Reading


So, I missed my post yesterday.  Again, looking at the time, this will most likely not be epic, long, or a mind blowing post. Came down with something fierce yesterday.  Not quite sure what this is.  There’s a possibility it could be the gluten I ate on Thursday – if it is, it’s truly the […]Continue Reading


1 large sweet onion, sliced 1 large fennel bulb, sliced 2 cloves of garlic minced 1 tsp. dried parsley 1 lb. bulk sweet Italian chicken sausage (or turkey – and you could use mild or spicy too!) 2 cups of cabbage, sliced 1 – 6oz. bag of baby spinach 8 cups chicken broth 1 can […]Continue Reading


Made an awesome meal tonight.   Rockfish, broccolette and a saute of veggies and kidney beans.  Yum! Here’s some of the pics: So here’s my recipes: Rockfish Rockfish Fillets – 4 of them Olive oil (just a smidge) Salt Pepper Clementine juice (or citrus of your choice) Parsley Cilantro Lightly drizzle the fish fillets with olive […]Continue Reading


Found a new cracker today I really like that is high in fiber…thought I’d share the find with you: They are flavorful, gluten free, no sugar, 7 grams of fiber per serving and 5 grams of protein.  I figured I’d try a vegan cream cheese with them and the one I picked was actually quite […]Continue Reading


Here’s a couple links to some essential information about gluten and how it can affect you! Reading


I love Elana’s Pantry and the recipes/tips/advice she gives.  I’ve followed her on Twitter, liked her on Facebook and recently bought her cookbook – The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook.  I’m just about to order my almond flour from Nuts Online, which is one of her recommended places to purchase the almond flour that works […]Continue Reading


I picked up another GF cookbook that I am super excited to start cooking from!  You can see the picture of it right here to the left.  This cookbook is written by Elana Amsterdam of Elana’s Pantry.  She uses Almond Flour almost exclusively as her gluten free flour and raves about it’s taste/texture and nutritional […]Continue Reading


Tonight I bought myself a cookbook that I’m excited to try – it’s called “Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Baking and Desserts” by Kelly E. Keough. It had great reviews on Amazon and flipping through it the recipes looked fantastic.  I’ve found a few other cookbooks I want to get – but this was the first.  I’ll definitely […]Continue Reading


Check out a guest post review I did for Pouregon about Redbridge Beer: Celebrating Oregon Wine, Oregon Beer, Coffee and the places that pour them.Continue Reading