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I’m trying to add more color to my diet! Natural color. (thank goodness covering your gray doesn’t count against that!) They say the more colorful food in your diet – the healthier you are eating. If you think about the white foods or earth toned foods – most of those aren’t that good for you. […]Continue Reading


Health is so much more than just physical. It’s emotional, mental and spiritual. Back to an earlier (MUCH earlier) blog post I write about balance in those 4 areas. I learned the best way to go about that from the book The Power of Full Engagement. So – what am I doing to be healthy […]Continue Reading


Sometimes when stressful things happen your appetite disappears. Sometimes people stress eat. In my life I’ve done both. The stress eating tends to come when I’m under pressure – too much going on – lots of stress. With my appetite disappearing – that happens when I’m hurt or when a life interruption occurs. I’ve had […]Continue Reading


Made an awesome meal tonight.   Rockfish, broccolette and a saute of veggies and kidney beans.  Yum! Here’s some of the pics: So here’s my recipes: Rockfish Rockfish Fillets – 4 of them Olive oil (just a smidge) Salt Pepper Clementine juice (or citrus of your choice) Parsley Cilantro Lightly drizzle the fish fillets with olive […]Continue Reading


Ok, I’ve got to tell you these new ads by the corn sugar folks frustrates me.    The jury still seems to be out on the HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), I’ve read studies supporting both sides, but the negatives seems to win out.  In addition – the creation and refinement of a sugar vs. […]Continue Reading


Just got my first SPUD.COM delivery of organic produce this past week.  Yae!  I’ve  only recently discovered SPUD.COM and was excited to give them a try.  Online grocery store – organic – that delivers to your door! What could be better?  Their prices are great and quality is superb.  I’m fortunate enough to have one […]Continue Reading


So, today I had a craving for curry I guess!  I knew I was fixing salmon for dinner, but couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to serve with it.  Then I remembered I had some Tasty Bite Tandoori Rice in the cupboard…love this stuff.  I admit it’s a cheat/short cut, but let’s be honest […]Continue Reading


Found a new cracker today I really like that is high in fiber…thought I’d share the find with you: They are flavorful, gluten free, no sugar, 7 grams of fiber per serving and 5 grams of protein.  I figured I’d try a vegan cream cheese with them and the one I picked was actually quite […]Continue Reading


Until last night I was pining for some of the Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and other yummy holiday coffee drinks.  I’ve definitely avoided them due to the sugar content. My wonderful new discovery – Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Coffee.  It’s not just “flavored” coffee.  There are actual real bits of ginger, cloves and cinnamon ground in with […]Continue Reading


Thanksgiving – it’s less than 48 hours away and the preparation has already begun.  Cornbread for the stuffing has been made and is now diced and drying out.  Most of my other prep work is done now – tomorrow will just be Turkey, cherry pie and assembling the stuffing, oh – and the popovers! Here’s […]Continue Reading