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So – for any of you who followed my first 365 days you might remember a couple of posts about dating a treadmill.  Well – that was awhile ago…and that treadmill and I fell out of favor with each other.  It caused me some plantar fasciitis and I had to avoid it for a little […]Continue Reading


As I’m sure you can tell from my blog – ClubSport is where I work out.  I LOVE IT.  They routinely offer programs to their members as an extra benefit  – always nice.  They’ve just launched a 6 week Meltdown Challenge – which I’ve signed up for.  They’ve got prizes for incentives and special deals […]Continue Reading


I LOVE ClubSport. Leave it to them to mix things up in my work out routine. The replaced a portion of their weight machines with Hoist fitness equipment and I gotta tell you – the ones I’ve tried so far are awesome.  The machines they’ve put in are from the ROC-IT line. Here’s what Hoist […]Continue Reading


Seriously.  There’s so much to say and trying to whittle that down into something cohesive that you’d understand seems a bit beyond me right now. I’ve got some serious, reflective and contemplative posts coming up and if I’m completely honest with you – I’m just not up to it tonight. I am back to posting […]Continue Reading


Yes.  That’s exactly how I felt when I met up with my treadmill tonight.  The week and a half in between dates was awful.  Thankfully now the knee pain is gone for the most part and my hellacious cold is now on the way out.  That meant for me that I was going to be […]Continue Reading


I so need to sleep!  It’s 11:50pm.  I have got to start getting to bed earlier – hey – before midnight is early for me right now.  I’ve recently been staying up far too late. I know it’s not good for me.  I know it doesn’t help the weight loss.  I know it reduces my […]Continue Reading


My knee pain got in the way this past week and kept me from my workouts.  It’s even hurting when I’m just sitting here – not moving it!  From what I can tell adding in the running has aggravated the knee.  I’m hoping to be back at ClubSport tomorrow.  I’ve kept icing the knee, taking […]Continue Reading


I’m so glad I’ve found my way back to regular gym visits. I’ve been able to get through some of the life stuff going on and the trips out of town and it feels so good to be back! I’m now adding in more cardio it’s something I have needed to do. It feels good. […]Continue Reading


Running has NEVER appealed to me. Never thought I could do it.  Thankfully with now 36 lbs off my frame and being healthier – it appears I am capable of it.  When I worked out on Friday night at ClubSport with Marnie I used a new program on the treadmill and ended up hitting  inclines […]Continue Reading


Had a GREAT workout at ClubSport last night with my friend Marnie.  It’s so cool to be able to workout with her – she purchased a Groupon that ClubSport put out this last week – 14 visits over a 6 week period for only $39!  Such an awesome deal and it’ll be fun to have […]Continue Reading