Had a GREAT workout at ClubSport last night with my friend Marnie.  It’s so cool to be able to workout with her – she purchased a Groupon that ClubSport put out this last week – 14 visits over a 6 week period for only $39!  Such an awesome deal and it’ll be fun to have someone I know to work out with.  Suffice it to say – we worked out hard!

We started out with some cardio on the treadmill – my incline was crazy – it got up to almost 13% at one point!  Sheesh.  But – it’s EXACTLY what I need to be doing.  I even decided I would try to run the last minute and a half – I’ve never done that on a treadmill.  It felt good.  Go figure.  :-)  I’m not saying it was easy – but it felt good.  Each time I’m on the treadmill I’m going to add another 30 seconds to the part I run – see what I can build up to.  After our cardio – we did an awesome weight training portion and we are both feeling it!

It feels cool to know that I am able run on the treadmill even for a little bit.  I want to keep increasing that.  Although – I’m a little intimidated that I committed myself to do the Shamrock Run next March with my friend Nikki.  Only a little.  I’ve got plenty of time to train for it and get my running up to a 5k.  Yae.  New fun goal.

All right.  I’ve got to run – helping my mom hanging all her pictures today in her new house.  Should be fun.

I will be hitting ClubSport tomorrow for another workout.