Every Day a New Me - Ana What is this blog about anyway!? Just what it says.  Every Day a New Me.

This is a new phase of this blog for me.  It’s been on and off blogging since 2010! In 2010 I began to work on my health.  My original 365 days was April 12, 2010 through April 11, 2011. That journey for me was born out of being frustrated with my weight (it’s always been a problem), having some health issues due to my weight. It was a pivotal year for me. I went through the year without eating any sugar, gluten or cheese – and I managed to not cheat! To know that I am capable of such resolve and will power is empowering. My weight has always been an issue in my life – I was finally sick of it and intended to do something about it. I lost a total of 42 lbs and over 30 inches. Not bad – but I was hoping for greater weight loss. Suffice it to say all the studies are true – gluten free diets are not weight loss plans.

After the first 365 I tried doing a second year and struggled with it. I began to be so busy I left myself fall to the wayside where priorities are concerned. Restarting the blog project was something I’ve wanted to do, but as I evaluated the first year and second I reevaluated the name.  365 days seemed limiting. Once that next 365 days was over, then what.  If I cheated on my plan, I felt like I “failed” the 365 and would need to restart all over again.  So, I began to think about what this is really about.  DAILY choice. DAILY effort. EVERY day is a chance to make good and healthy decisions. Not just with food, but in all areas of life.

So, the new name was born.  Every Day a New Me. Because that is truly what this is about. We all have a chance for a fresh start every day. A bad decision one day does not need to sabotage the next.

In fall of 2014 I tried out the Whole30 eating challenge – and not only loved it – but saw the best success with weight loss and feeling healthy. Since I started it I’ve dropped 41lbs. I’ve had some months where I haven’t been doing it 100% – having some modifications – but in all of it – have maintained the weight loss and still lost a pound or two each month. I started back on the Whole 30 challenge for 2015 Lent – it’s a good reset for me and it feels great.

Why a blog?

I love to write, I always have. I want to blog this personal challenge – even the tough stuff. Accountability & Support – with all of you all reading this – it creates accountability – not wanting to let you down, not wanting to let myself down. It creates a support group of sorts – comments and encouragement welcome!  It’s also been shown in studies that if you write a goal down every day – it helps you achieve it.

How do I intend to stay focused on my health goals?

With purpose. A book I read talked about a shift in paradigm. In the old paradigm – reward fueled success. In the new paradigm – purpose fuels success. I intend to operate under the new paradigm in order to succeed at the task I have set before myself. Surrounding this goal with purpose will be essential to reach my desired outcome.

With prayer. Simple that. Without prayer, without God, I cannot do this. I will lean on Him when I am weak. I am hopeful that my own prayer, combined with yours for me – I will have the strength and resolve to make it through each day.

With exercise. A gym membership works best for me. I joined a new gym and hired a trainer in Feb of 2015.

With support. I have worked hard to create a support team – friends and others. Those of you who read and comment on my blog are additional support and I need it!