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Whole 30 compliant too and so good! I had some leftover Indian samosa filling which I made with sweet potatoes. I was inspired this morning to form the filling into patties and cook them up on the griddle with a little coconut oil. I then poached some eggs, broiled some bacon (cured without sugar) and […]Continue Reading


So I first saw this phrase when I was reading about a fundraiser last week for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It’s a great story and sets perspective on what we complain about in our lives when looking at the lives of those fighting cancer. Skip forward a week after reading it to a time […]Continue Reading


I’m trying to add more color to my diet! Natural color. (thank goodness covering your gray doesn’t count against that!) They say the more colorful food in your diet – the healthier you are eating. If you think about the white foods or earth toned foods – most of those aren’t that good for you. […]Continue Reading


Health is so much more than just physical. It’s emotional, mental and spiritual. Back to an earlier (MUCH earlier) blog post I write about balance in those 4 areas. I learned the best way to go about that from the book The Power of Full Engagement. So – what am I doing to be healthy […]Continue Reading


Sometimes when stressful things happen your appetite disappears. Sometimes people stress eat. In my life I’ve done both. The stress eating tends to come when I’m under pressure – too much going on – lots of stress. With my appetite disappearing – that happens when I’m hurt or when a life interruption occurs. I’ve had […]Continue Reading


I’m still here. Still working on healthy decisions. Had a couple days off from the gym when I pulled a muscle in my neck/upper back and it caused vertigo. Let me say I have such compassion now for people who live with that all the time or for those who experience it frequently. Crazy stuff! […]Continue Reading


My ice pack, heating pad and Advil are my best friends right now! As I’ve been jumping back in to the gym and working out I’m definitely feeling the aches and pains – but I have to admit they feel good too.  They make me aware that what I am doing is working. I am […]Continue Reading


So – for any of you who followed my first 365 days you might remember a couple of posts about dating a treadmill.  Well – that was awhile ago…and that treadmill and I fell out of favor with each other.  It caused me some plantar fasciitis and I had to avoid it for a little […]Continue Reading


So…yesterday I worked out in the afternoon.  The plan today was to workout tonight. But – a little health scare got in the way.  I was pretty stressed/overwhelmed.  Thankfully I had/have awesome family, friends and boyfriend.  They made the past couple days easier.  Good news to report – after 3 more tests today – the […]Continue Reading


Sheesh – over two weeks later and I have not been faithful to my own new guidelines.  Good news though.  The gym regimen is in more than full swing.  My awesome big brother David has committed to my trainer and to go with me daily. The initial commitment is 45 days in a row at […]Continue Reading